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    Smart technology for kitchens.

    Undersink cabinet for water treatment.

    The new undersink cabinet is tailored to the use of a practical and environmentally friendly water treatment system. This cabinet provides filtered, boiling hot or sparkling cold water at the touch of a button. A divider in the element creates space for technical accessories and ensures there is enough space to make any necessary installations. Subsequent assembly work can thus be avoided in advance. A hinged door provides easy access to the equipment. The rest of the cabinet has a spacious drawer with a full-height front offering practical storage space, for example for waste separation systems.

    Light bridge.

    The matt black light bridge masterfully illuminates your kitchen. It is a practical light source, a chic design element, and provides space for your kitchen utensils. Particularly in the case of open-plan living spaces, the light bridge paves the way in kitchen design and opens up new possibilities for illuminating your kitchen islands. The light bridge radiates both up and down. On the one hand, this ensures pleasant, glare-free lighting for working and, on the other, masterfully sets the stage for your favourite pieces that find their place on the glass top. The colour of light is variably adjustable and can imitate daylight – ideal for modern indoor gardening.

    Perfect cooking environment.

    New functional cabinet inserts.

    Cooking becomes a pure pleasure with the specially planned areas for baking and storing. Functional inserts, such as baking tray dividers and pull-out shelves with integrated lock-open stop, ensure easy use and safe working. Lovingly handcrafted boxes made from pure solid wood help organise the storage of valuable foodstuffs both clearly and hygienically.

    OrganiQ drawer inserts and knife drawer.

    Ecologically sophisticated, the OrganiQ drawer inserts made of rapidly renewable, domestic bast fibres are an inspiration. The binder used for this is both water-based and formaldehyde and phenol-free. Clearly arranged and safe, the knife drawer keeps your kitchen knives within reach, regardless of size and shape. An ingenious, magnetic solid wood strip holds the knives in place and prevents them from slipping. This is easy to use and keeps the kitchen knives sharp for longer.

    Alcove elements.

    While cooking spoons etc. find their place in the solid wood boxes, fresh herbs and decorative plants are best kept in the waterproof black metal boxes of the new alcove elements. Combined with the new light bridge, these boxes are the perfect place to grow fresh herbs. Whether in the kitchen, on the sideboard, in the bedroom, or in another living area, masterfully combined, the decorative sets in different formats cut a good figure everywhere.

    New metallic handle in black.

    The metal handle is now also available in black stainless steel finish. It therefore offers an additional option for incorporating elegant, black metal surfaces in your kitchen, and setting exciting trends.

    Open shelf unit.

    With impressive material thickness and striking appearance, the open shelf unit brings the powerful beauty of real solid wood into the kitchen. Depending on the viewer's angle, it allows glimpses of the open and partially concealed storage space. If desired, the shelf can be used as a solo piece standing up against the wall, as a room divider standing freely in the room, or as part of a medium-height or tall cabinet. A special highlight is the optional LED light strip that lends an almost mystic illumination to the interior of the shelf.

    New materials in harmony with nature.

    New metal colours, inspired by the beauty of nature.

    The four new metal colours – snow white, stone grey, earth brown and night blue – are inspired by the beauty of nature. They provide a variety of design options for the metal frame base and the TV pillar. Whether playful, purist, high-contrast or classical – used in combination with the various different wood types, grains and colour nuances, they each create their own aesthetic, allowing for a diverse range of style preferences.

    flor Bank in Eiche mit Canvas Stoff von TEAM 7

    Ripley – where everything comes full circle.

    The new fabric Ripley is made of 100% recycled material, most of which comes from natural resources. The fabric for Ripley is obtained by recycling old clothes spun into new, valuable yarn, and then woven into fabrics. The result is a high-quality material whose look and feel are both distinguished by its structure and lively effect. In this way, valuable resources are conserved and the life cycle is significantly extended through reintegration into the cycle. Ripley complements our existing fabric range with eight colours in shades of brown, grey, beige and blue. These colours can also be mixed and matched. This attractively priced fabric is available for the flor chair and bench, the lui and aye chair families, as well as for the mylon chair and the yps bench.


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